Acquisition Systems Associates Inc. (ASA) is a recognized, valued, preferred provider of professional support to get game changing effective capabilities into the field and in the hands of the user as efficiently as possible. Our experienced people have been key players getting many well-known DoD systems fielded and in use today. We support the entire life cycle from requirements development and analysis through the entire acquisition process. Our experienced staff offers broad weapons system expertise with a current focus on getting directed energy systems into the hands of our warfighter as a revolutionary capability


Healthcare IT Program Management

For the past two years, ASA has provided support in the launching and testing of MHS GENESIS, the new Electronic Health Record the DoD is utilizing for their facilities. It is currently being used in four different locations with plans to implement it across the entire DoD Healthcare system.  Recently, the VA and Coast Guard have decided to implement MHS GENESIS in their healthcare systems as well. Once in place in the VA and USCG, MHS Genesis will streamline the healthcare systems for both current military members and veterans.

DoD Systems Engineering

For the past four years we have partnered with OSD clients to tackle key systems engineering challenges, from Modeling and Simulation policy to DoD-wide systems engineering guidance to best systems engineering contracting practices. We enable DoD systems engineers address emerging technical challenges and improve their acquisition capabilities. We help them champion systems engineering as a critical tool in any acquisition.

Acquisition Agility

For the past two years, we have worked closely with Joint Staff, Service and OSD partners to smoothly implement Acquisition Agility Act provisions. We are helping the DoD to adapt to a new requirements and acquisition environment characterized by decentralized authorities, more prototyping, and greater use of non-traditional contracting. We can help you navigate this rapidly evolving, faster-paced environment.

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