Proof – Systems Fielded

Fielded System Role
Fixed Wing
F-35 A/B/C Lightning II Weapons Integration, Engineering Management
B-1B Lancer Cockpit Display Designs
B-2 Spirit Cockpit Display Design
B-52 Stratofortress Nuclear hardened cockpit display design and integration
C-40 Tactical Airlift Countermeasures Integration
Manned/Unmanned Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Global Seismic System Systems Engineer & Test Engineer in System Program Office during concept & full-scale development
ISR Support to Joint IED Defeat CONOPS Requirements Analyst, Wargaming Seminar Leadership
Global Hawk Nunn-McCurdy Requirements Analyst, JROC   
MQ-4C Trident Requirements Analyst, CDD, JROC
Joint UAS CONOPS Requirements Analyst, Validation, JROC   
EP-X and Aerial Common Sensor   Requirements Analyst, MS B re-baseline, JROC
MP-RTIP   Requirements Tradeoff Analysis, DAB
MQ-8 VTUAV Requirements Analyst, CDD, JROC   
RQ-21 UAS Requirements Analyst, ICD, CDD, CPD, JROC
RQ-4 Global Hawk Requirements Analyst, CDD support, MS B, JROC   
Missile and Ammunition
Longbow Hellfire Anti-Tank Missile Acquisition Oversight: Milestone IIa and IIb DABS (in conjunction with AH-64D)
AIM 9 Sidewinder Gyros, Guidance, and Control Design
Hellfire II Anti-Tank Missile Acquisition Oversight
Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) Systems Engineering and Integration
M829A1 Tank Ammunition (Desert Storm Silver Bullet) Item Manager; Accelerated Development Fielding and Deployment in Desert Storm
M829 Tank Ammunition Design Engineer; US/GE Feasibility Study including Overseas Testing; Program Entry
Rotary Wing
AH-64E Apache Block III Helicopter Support to the Project Manager for MS B DAB, Cockpit Displays
UH-60M Blackhawk Program Entry into the Defense Acquisition System Acquisition Oversight, Support to the Project Manager for MS B DAB
V-22/CV-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Oversight, Several DABS; Blue Ribbon Panel Chair; Return to Flight
H1 Upgrade Attack/Utility Aircraft Program Entry into the Defense Acquisition System; Acquisition Oversight; Milestone B DAB
H-53 Heavy Lift Helicopter   Flight Test Engineer, Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management, Systems Engineering
AH-64 D Apache Longbow Block II Helicopter Acquisition Oversight, Milestone IIa and IIb DABS (included Longbow Hellfire)
Hubble Space Telescope Systems Engineering and Integration
Classified space programs Systems Engineer & Program Manager at operational ground station during full scale development, launch, and operations, Program management
Armored Ground Systems
M1A1 Abrams Tank Acquisition Oversight, Milestone II DAB
M1A2 Abrams Tank Acquisition Oversight, Milestone II DAB
Command Control Communications, Computers
Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System Acquisition Oversight, Milestone II DAB
Global Information Grid CRD Requirements Analyst, ModSim development, CRD support
Integrated Air and Missile Defense Lead systems engineer for Joint Integrated Air & Missile Defense Office; JROC approved operational architecture; Portfolio included AEGIS, Patriot, E-2, E-3, JLENS, F-18, F-22, THAAD, and BMD
E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System Electrical Engineer during full scale development
NATO E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System Electrical Engineer during full scale development and production
NATO Air Command and Control System First Level of Operational Capability Systems Engineer during concept & full scale development, Preliminary Design Review
Health Care Information Technology
MHS GENESIS Test and Evaluation, Schedule Risk Analysis

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