Our great people have years of experience contributing to warfighter success by helping deliver the following programs to the DoD. Our staff have served in both government and contractor roles; taking programs from concept to the warfighters’ hands. We have served as strategy analysts, requirements developers/analysts, architecture developers, design and test engineers, item managers, acquisition oversight SMEs, and schedule risk analysts.

Middle Tier of Acquisition and the Adaptive Acquisition Framework Training

  • Crafted and implemented an educational program to assist industry and government clients leverage the DoD’s Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF)
  • Coursework delves into the intricacies of the Middle Tier of Acquisition pathways
  • Comprehensive curriculum is instructor-led, complemented by a hands-on workshop
  • Holistic approach ensures a thorough understanding and practical application of the AAF
  • Positions our clients to effectively and efficiently optimize technology transition

Unique Expertise and Proof to Optimize Transition

  • Understand and apply the Adaptive Acquisition Framework to accelerate fielding.
  • Conduct mission area analysis and develop CONOPS to better define requirements.
  • Review and refine Systems Engineering Plans and Acquisition Strategies
  • Drive intelligence into acquisition to get the right technologies fielded quickly

Navigating the new agile acquisition process to get systems field  

    • Train your staff to understand and leverage new Acquisition Agility Act authorities
    • Conduct mission area analysis and develop CONOPS to better define requirements
    • Review System Engineering Plans and Acquisition Strategies
    • Support acquisition intelligence integration efforts

Prototyping and Technology Development  

    • Evaluate Technology and Integration Readiness Levels
    • Shape and respond to prototyping requirements as part of Defense consortiums including the Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium and the Vertical Lift Consortium
    • Lead prototype development activities

Program Execution  

    • Assist in program execution follow-on events and actions to assure success
    • Support testing events and software defect analysis
    • Conduct schedule risk analysis to continually assess program performance, schedule, and requirements tradeoffs
    • Assist with Nunn McCurdy Unit Cost Breach avoidance, analysis and reporting
    • Apply Lean Six Sigma principles to improve processes
      Support program knowledge management activities (e.g. MS SharePoint implementation)

Other Supporting Activities to Achieve Success  

    • Assure Stakeholder Involvement Throughout the Process
    • Support Program Alignment in the Programming, Budgeting and Requirements Processes
    • Mentor and train new breed of system acquisition Professionals to minimize future risks and reduce cost 

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