Culture: We provide an engaging entrepreneurial culture to drive the best client value proposition.

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit, looking to provide innovative solutions for us and our clients?
  • Do you enjoy a fast-paced work environment, where your ideas and recommendations matter?
  • Are you capable of communicating complex issues to globally-distributed stakeholders with widely varying
  • Are you action oriented and technically savvy?
  • Recognition: We value the contribution of all our team members and demonstrate it with regular awards and
  • Collaboration: We are a team, we recognize that we are here to help each other with work and life challenges
    achieving the proper balance for each team member.

Compensation Features

We tailor the total compensation package to individual needs. We currently offer:

  • We offer Monetary compensation commensurate with your contribution in the form of competitive salaries, bonuses and profit sharing.
  • We offer Holidays and Paid Time Off.
  • We offer Competitive insurance benefits.
  • We offer Flexible work hours. We pay you for the actual hours worked. We don’t provide you a fixed
    compensation package and expect to get it back in uncompensated overtime. We value the time you dedicate to our collective mission.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD, where authorized by client) and we pay for related internet and communication expenses.
  • Telecommute: Work from home (when authorized by the client). We trust and expect you to get the job done wherever you work.
  • We pay commuting expenses (Must qualify)

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Training and Mentorship

  • We have an in-house mentoring program to provide advanced capabilities and skills for our client which in turn provides advancement opportunities for our ASA team members.
  • ASA is led by former senior DoD acquisition and system engineering professionals.
  • ASA offers a supportive environment to individuals transitioning out of military service or to those just entering into government consulting. Whether you are a 2 year or 25 year professional
  • ASA leadership takes special care to ensure new team members are fully prepared to successfully tackle challenging problems.
  • The ASA approach centers on many-on-one mentoring to train our staff while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  • If you seek challenges and want to be part of a growing small business by partnering with our clients achieve and maintain mission success then ASA is a place for you.
  • We are always looking for expertise to support the entire system life cycle in the following domains:
Directed Energy Space ISR
C4 & Cyber Fixed & Rotary Wing Aircraft Ground Vehicles
Unmanned Systems Munitions Soldier Weapon Systems

Our solutions provide the support required to implement and execute mission objectives and associated strategic initiatives within the shortest practical timeline.

We provide objective, comprehensive Professional, Engineering, Technical, Scientific and Program Management Services.

Gary Gray, President