Demonstrated ability getting game-changing effective capabilities into the
warfighter’s hands as efficiently as possible

  • Technologies that make a difference: Special Operations mission rehearsal
    technology, advanced tank armaments and anti-armor missiles; tiltrotor and
    other advanced aviation technologies and electronic healthcare records
  • Relevant Enduring Solutions: analyzing rapid prototyping efforts, assessing
    risk, developing transition strategies and avoiding the valley of death;
    training DoD users to adapt & apply new acquisition laws, regulations,
    paths; Acquisition Agility Act implementation planning & execution;
    electronic healthcare record system schedule risk analysis, quality assurance
    / process improvement, deployment training; simulation interoperability
    strategy and standards development.
  • Functional expertise: acquisition program management, mission and
    systems engineering, concept of operations, requirements, schedule risk
    analysis, test and evaluation, manufacturing, and modeling and simulation



  • Our brand promise is to help our clients identify and execute the most
    efficient path to fielding at any life cycle stage.
  • Unique understanding of current DoD acquisition policy and guidance
    along with current legislation that enables our DoD clients and
    teammates to navigate / bridge the “new valley of death”
  • Ability to analyze potential technical performance; forecast schedule or
    programmatic issues, and propose solutions to achieve success
  • Integrated requirements, acquisition, planning/programming/budgeting
    know how (BIG A) and genuine engineering and manufacturing expertise


Mr. Gary J. Gray founded ASA in 2010 to get
relevant game changing capabilities to the
warfighter sooner
DUNS: 964649771
SIZE: Small Business < $16.5M
NAICS: 541330; 541519; 541611; 541613;
541618; 541690; 541715
CAGE Code: 651A7
GSA MAS Schedule Contract Number:
o Information Analysis Center Multiple Award Contract Pool 2
o AMCOM Express (CTA Member)
o Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) OTA
o Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC) OTA
o Naval Surface Technology & Innovation Consortium (NSTIC) OTA
o Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium (AMTC) OTA
o Analytical and Technical Support Services (ATSS) IDIQ (sub)
o; 703 966 3786


PEO Defense Healthcare Management System (DHMS): HHSN316201200008W, 106994SB2Z; $1,328,561.13, 1/04/2016- 5/26/2021 ASA staff analyzed and identified schedule risks; tracked and evaluated incident reports to support successful test and evaluation, getting this critical capability delivered on-time. Our staff also provided quality assurance and deployment training to ensure this vital system meets DoD healthcare customer needs. 
Acquisition Agility Act (AAA) Implementation: FA8075-14-D-0016 109216SB4T; $348,396.62, 4/17/2017-6/22/2022 ASA staff provided acquisition, engineering, and, requirements expertise to OUSD(R&E) in conjunction with OUSD(A&S) to implement the Acquisition Agility Act. Our staff applied years of acquisition, engineering, and requirements knowledge to assist DoD navigate new AAA legislation mandating major changes to the Defense Acquisition System. Our team developed use cases to investigate and take advantage of new opportunities while avoiding pitfalls. 
OUSD(R&E) Modeling & Simulation Coordination Office Mission Support. GS00F008DA, $981,548, 11/1/2019-10/31/2023, and HQ003414R0049 1055536SB0W, 11/13/2014-10/31/2019, For seven years, we have provided systems engineering and modeling and simulation technical leadership across the DoD. ASA leads MSE efforts to implement coherent interoperability approaches at the Joint level. We co-developed a Simulation Interoperability Readiness Level framework designed to dramatically reduce operational risk by enabling rapid, accurate mission rehearsal.