About Us

ASA provides objective, comprehensive and integrated professional, engineering, technical, scientific and program management services and solutions to the federal government. We work closely with our clients to provide efficient and effective scalable solutions that achieve and sustain their mission success.

For Our Government Clients — our solutions provide the support required to implement and execute mission objectives and associated strategic initiatives within the shortest practical timeline.  Specific services include:

    • Identification collaboration, engagement, and facilitation of the right stakeholders to gain early buy-in on requirements and technologies to satisfy threat driven requirements.
    • Shepherding programs through the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) process including the Functional Capabilities Boards/ JROC and the Defense Acquisition Systems including the Integrated Product Team, Overarching Integrated Product Team/Defense Acquisition Board.
    • Conducting timely and accurate risk assessments to avoid major program upheavals such as milestone resets and Nunn-McCurdy breaches.
    • Mentoring and training acquisition and systems engineering professionals.