Challenges for the Government

 Constrained budgets for foreseeable future
•  Complex tradeoffs required
•  Reduced civilian workforce due to

–  Hiring freeze
–  Retirements

•  Seasoned Experience Needed
•  At an affordable price
•  With minimal risk


Challenges for Government Contractors 

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for Startup and Small Businesses

Anticipating government client needs

• Prioritize & win more competitive bid targets

• Cost effective price-to-win

• Finding appropriate Merger and Acquisition targets for
cost effective, synergistic sustainable growth

How We Can Help You
how_r1_c2 Program Expertise
Maximize Successful Program Execution by vetting Alternative Systems and Program Structures 
how_r3_c1 Technology
Assess system and subsystem build and integration readiness
how_r5_c1 Mentor Protégé Staff
Unique mentor protégé approach to develop next generation with low cost/risk
how_r7_c1 Strategy Assessment
Assess strategy and opportunity pipeline alignment for growth
how_r9_c1 Business Development
Capture and Proposal Support
how_r11_c1 Business Consulting
Analyze Government Budget Priorities Vet M&A targets for Technology, Strategic, Synergistic, Cultural fits

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